Development of the integrated micro machining system

Shun Tong Chen*, Yunn Shiuan Liao, Chang Sheng Lin


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In this research an integrated micro machining system for fabricating micro parts is developed. All the needed machining processes can be carried out on the same system without unloading, reloading and readjusting the workpiece for subsequent processes. Currently the functions of micro high speed milling, micro-EDM, micro w-EDM, and micro on-line measurement have been accomplished and tested. A dual-spindle is designed well for micro CNC milling, microelectrode fabrication and micro-EDM. An original micro w-EDM system that allows versatile cutting by a 20 μm diameter wire is designed for micro wire-cutting. Various micro parts and high aspect ratio microstructures are successfully fabricated. Furthermore, by means of the integration of processes the 500 micro holes array can be drilled through successfully and saved effectively the process time. Based on the short-circuit principle an on-line micro part measuring system is developed and implemented.

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