Development of an E-learning system for teaching machining technology

Min Jou*


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The most common manufacturing methods are punching, casting, injection, forming, power metallurgy...etc. The key technique of these manufacturing methods is machining. The degree of technique of machining directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, the machining technique is of primary importance in promoting student practice ability during the training process. Currently, practical training is applied in shop floor to discipline student's practice ability. Much time and cost are used to teach these techniques. Particularly, computerized machines are continuously increasing in use. The development of educating engineers on computerized machines becomes much more difficult than with traditional machines. Therefore, this research aims to develop an e-learning web-based system to teach computer-aided manufacturing and processing planning to enhance the quality and quantity of technological education. Along with the technological advance of the Internet, the learning activities free from time and location. The expensive resource of technological education can be circulated through the network for the purpose of resource sharing and the diffusion of education. The major results of this research are as follows; Establish on-line teaching material for the computer-aided manufacturing courses including CMC coding method, CNC simulation. Propose the teaching strategies for the students to learning machining processing planning through web-based learning system. Develop the virtual machining laboratory to bring the machining practical training to web-based learning system. Integrate multi-media and virtual laboratory in the developed e-learning web-based system to enhance the effectiveness of machining education through web-based system. In addition to comprehensive study the fundamental theory of e-learning and virtual reality, the developed system has been implemented in the undergraduate and vocational high school "machining" course. Furthermore, it employs group technology to facilitate effectiveness and standardization of course material, and create sharable course content.

主出版物標題Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Active Media Technology, AMT 2005
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005
事件2005 International Conference on Active Media Technology, AMT 2005 - Kagawa, 日本
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名字Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Active Media Technology, AMT 2005


其他2005 International Conference on Active Media Technology, AMT 2005

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