Development of a web-based system to support self-directed learning of microfabrication technologies

Min Jou*, Yu Shiang Wu


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Having engineers in microfabrication technologies educated has become much more difficult than having engineers educated in the traditional technologies, and this may be because of the high cost for acquirement of equipment, materials, and infrastructural means (i.e., cleaning rooms), all in addition to the hands-on practices that are often times time-consuming to perform. These factors pose challenges for improvements to be made in teaching and learning quality. The current study has designed an interactive learning system to support selfdirected learning of microfabrication technology with both the technical and the functional viewpoints taken into consideration, along with evaluated results obtained from the end-users. The current study applied technology in virtual-reality in order for interactions to be carried out on the Internet, which permits the students to become familiarized with the techniques used in microfabrication technology as they learn to operate machines. The courses offered in microfabrication technology were incorporated with the developed web-based learning system, where effects of the blended methodology on student learning result were examined.

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期刊Educational Technology and Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012

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