Development of a sensor network system for industrial technology education

Chi Chia Liu*, Din Wu Wu, Min Jou, Sheng Jia Tsai


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Technology of e-learning has been gradually applied to all kinds of professional teaching fields. However, practicing and operation in real environment cannot be replaced by the method of e-learning such as multimedia and interactive simulations. The present e-learning system has very limited benefit for course of experiment and practical training, especially for the course which requires to experiment in clean room (ex. MEMS). Thus, the quality and quantity of industrial technology education cannot be improved. In order to overcome obstacles of traditional experiment and practical training course and enhance functions of present e-learning system, the study is going to take sensor network technology as foundation to developed web services system. The system is able to present the students 'operation and results right away, thus students can be guided appropriately when they face problems during experiment and practical training. Besides, the system is able to record students' learning process of experiment and practical training. These data of learning process will be helpful for building adaptive u-learning environment for skill-training.

主出版物標題Knowledge Management, Information Systems, E-Learning, and Sustainability Research - Third World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2010, Proceedings
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出版狀態已發佈 - 2010 十二月 13
事件3rd World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2010 - Corfu, 希腊
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名字Communications in Computer and Information Science
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其他3rd World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2010

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