Development of a low-cost composite film technique for functional micro-tools

Shun Tong Chen*


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This study presents the development of a low-cost composite film technique for making functional micro-tools. A conductive substrate is coated with a layer of formative oily-wax to define the featured pattern for depositing a layer of nickel-matrix diamond on the substrate. Porous material, made from an aluminum oxide grinding wheel of appropriate pore size, is employed as the co-deposition tank to generate good convection of the electrolyte and maintain uniformity of the particulate-composite suspension in the electrolyte of the tank. Two experimental samples including a micro-hole structure and an ultra-thin wheel tool are manufactured and tested. The wax-pattern can be fully removed by simply immersing the substrate in hot water; the diamond film thickness varies positively with deposition time. The proposed approach should contribute significantly to the precision micro-machining industry.

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