Development of a high-precision, wear-resistant micro-holes structure

Shun Tong Chen, Tsu Sheng Luo

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Nickel ions and fine diamond powder are utilized as metal-matrix composites to improve wear-resistance in the development of micro-hole structures. The reinforced microstructure is produced on a specular substrate through a precision extrusion wax and electrochemical co-deposition technique. Oily wax is employed as sacrificial material to draw and grow a feature shape. Co-deposition, in which nickel sulphamate solution and diamond powder are regularly mixed, is conducted for electroforming a layer of metal-matrix composites onto the substrate. The formed micro-holes structure displays excellent geometric and dimensional accuracy of the holes. Satisfactory diamond content provides the wear-resistant metal-matrix composites.

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期刊Journal of Materials Processing Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011 二月 1

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