Design and realization of a mobile wheelchair robot for all terrains

Chun Ta Chen, Chieh Chuan Feng, Yu An Hsieh

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A novel design of a mobile wheelchair robot for all terrains, especially for staircases and inclines, is proposed. To achieve the required locomotion, a pair of multi-limbed structures, comprised of a lift coxae, rotation femurs and support tibiae, are pivotally mounted on the opposite sides of the body and actuated to rotate through epicyclic gear trains. A dual-footing mode with a set of wheel and crawler tractors in each support tibia permits the locomotion mode depending on various terrains, and hence the mobile wheelchair robot can navigate on a flat surface, and climb up and down stairs or inclines with its body kept horizontal. The implemented design is verified experimentally using our first manufactured prototype mobile wheelchair robot and it is shown that it could be suitable for applications to wheelchairs or others.

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期刊Advanced Robotics
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