Design and Implementation of EinStein Würfelt Nicht Program Monte_Alpha

Chih Hung Chen*, Sin Yi Chiu, Shun Shii Lin


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The game of EinStein würfelt nicht involves an element of uncertainty due to die rolling, which poses a big challenge in the development of computer game programs. However, the intriguing nature of probabilistic elements has made this game popular in computer game competitions. This study aimed to develop a high-strength EinStein würfelt nicht program that utilizes an efficient bitboard representation for the game board as well as pre-established probability distribution tables and extensively uses bitwise operations to improve the efficiency of game tree expansion. Additionally, this study attempted to replace random simulation with an evaluation function to enhance the accuracy of the Upper Confidence bounds applied to Trees algorithm. Through this design, we improved the strength of our program, and we hope that this program will be able to achieve additional excellent results in future computer game tournaments.

期刊Electronics (Switzerland)
出版狀態已發佈 - 2023 7月

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