Cut feather containing rachis as a sampling way for avian sexing

Lih Chiann Wang, Chi Tsong Chen, Hsiao Yuan Lee, Shou Hsien Li, Jihn Tsair Lir, Shin Chien Chin, Chang En Pu, Ching Ho Wang*


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Sex determination of birds is important to ensure successful breeding strategies, especially for endangered species. Most birds are vulnerable to stress during handling, however, so obtaining a sufficient amount of genomic DNA (gDNA) while causing the least amount of harm is a critical issue. Avian gender can be determined based on different CHD1 gene intron sizes in W and Z sex chromosomes. We have compared various specimen sources and have found that the rachis segment of a feather is a good DNA source for determining sex. This indicates that plucking the whole feather is not necessary; a cut feather including the rachis is a superior method because it decreases stress on the examined birds and is accomplished easily.

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期刊Zoo Biology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2006 7月

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