Cultural bridging through shared adventure: Cross-cultural perspectives on adventure therapy

Christine L. Norton, Chi Mou Hsieh

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This paper examines the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the need for cultural competence in adventure therapy. Cultural differences between therapist and client can sometimes result in possible misinterpretation and conflict, which can lead to problems in the therapeutic relationship and negatively affect treatment outcomes. This paper builds on current research in adventure education and therapy examining the therapeutic relationship, cultural competence and multicultural factors, and emphasizes the need for cultural bridging through shared adventure. A framework is presented for using shared adventure to develop the therapeutic relationship cross-culturally in adventure therapy. An example of a Taiwanese adventure therapy initiative is presented highlighting the use of shared adventure to create a cultural bridge following a natural disaster in the Szechuan province of China.

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期刊Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011 12月

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