Ct-6e model for developing the iot teaching activity

Hsien Sheng Hsiao*, Chung Pu Chang


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Information technology is developing rapidly, and there is a large demand for scientific and technological talents, such as the Internet of Things, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Therefore, how to cultivate the next generation with information technology concept and program implementation technology ability and computational thinking ability has become a very important and urgent problem to be solved in countries around the world. This study proposes that a set of IoT teaching activities using the CT-6E model will be developed. Through 8 weeks of inquiry learning and practical teaching, students will learn the concepts of the Internet of Things, explore applications in life, write programs and assemble electronic components, and make IoT topics that integrate various modules. In addition, an empirical study is planned to explore whether this course can more effectively improve students' IoT learning effectiveness, computational thinking ability, and self-efficacy than traditional courses.

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期刊Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Thinking Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2020
事件4th International Conference on Computational Thinking Education, CTE 2020 - Hong Kong, 香港
持續時間: 2020 8月 192020 8月 21

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