Cross-cultural examination of school educators' beliefs about principles of positive behavior support

Chung Hau Fan, Chia Lin Tsai, Ya Ting Juang, Hui Ting Wang*, Yu Lin Chang


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This study conducted a psychometric examination into the application of positive behavior support (PBS) principles, focusing on how its trajectory differs between Taiwan and the United States. Eighteen items from the Beliefs about Behavior Survey were adapted to gauge educators' perception of implementing PBS strategies within different cultural contexts. The sample comprised 643 educators, split between northern Taiwan (N = 267) and a mid-mountain region in the United States (N = 376). Results from the confirmatory factor analysis suggest that the previously identified four-factor model determined using a US sample presents a satisfactory fit with the Taiwanese data set. Furthermore, reliability estimates vouch for the internal consistency of the model. Interestingly, it was observed that general education teachers reported the least supportive beliefs across all four factors, relative to their colleagues. In a direct comparison with the US sample, the Taiwanese respondents scored significantly lower on two out of the four PBS belief factors. This trend could be attributed to a relative scarcity of exposure to, and training in, PBS principles in Taiwan, particularly beyond tertiary remedial services. The revised survey questionnaire presents a useful tool for informing the design of professional development initiatives and system-wide changes in Taiwanese schools. The study concludes with a discussion on the impact of differing cultural contexts and the potential directions for future research.

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期刊Psychology in the Schools
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