Cross-coupled fuzzy logic control for multiaxis machine tools

Zong Mu Yeh*, Y. S. Tarng, Y. S. Lin


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This paper presents a design and implementation case study that focuses on contour control of a biaxial CNC machine tools. Since, it is difficult to obtain an accurate nonlinear mathematical model of cross-coupled multiaxis machine tools, here we investigate an alternative to conventional approaches where we employ cross-coupled fuzzy logic controllers for improving the contouring accuracy of multiaxis CNC machine tools. A new fuzzy rule-generated method which is based on a performance index of the contour error obtained from an on-line estimation algorithm is proposed. An adapted output scale factor is adopted to improve the system performance. Experimental results have shown that the desired contouring accuracy can be achieved, and the proposed approach outperforms over uncoupled approaches. In conventional control, increasing contour feedrate for productivity may result in larger contour errors. However, the experimental results have shown that the performance of the proposed approach is still quite good with increasing contour feedrate.

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出版狀態已發佈 - 1997 12月

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