Criteria for selecting quality environmental education teaching materials in Taiwan

Ju Chou*


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It is essential that schoolteachers possess the skills to select, adapt, and use environmental education instructional materials effectively. The purpose of this study is to develop a selection criteria that can help teachers evaluate and choose environmental education materials efficiently and effectively. In order to achieve this purpose, the author adopted the Delphi technique as the main method for collecting necessary data from a panel of 20 members, including experienced environmental educators from both academia and grade schools. In total, one open-ended questionnaire survey and three rounds of structured Delphi questionnaire surveys were used in this study. Analysis of the responses identified nine major characteristics, including 59 indicators of excellent environmental education materials. According to opinions from the panel of environmental education experts, the nine characteristics and 59 indicators identified in this study represent the characteristics of high quality environmental education material, and have important implications for teachers in selecting and developing environmental education materials and resources.

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期刊Applied Environmental Education and Communication
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