Content-based video analysis for knowledge discovery

Chia Hung Yeh, Shih Hung Lee, C. C.Jay Kuo

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With the rapid growth of multimedia information, video content analysis becomes crucial when dealing with large amounts of multimedia data, including texts, images, audio, video, and graphics. Video content analysis can be used to facilitate the access to desired content for information retrieval, summarization, and knowledge discovery. The study and development of suitable and effective techniques for video content management and access has been conducted extensively over the last decade. In this chapter, we will first review the characteristics of visual and audio contents and their basic processing techniques. Then, we will discuss semantic approaches to video data understanding and provide an overview of major developments in this field. In particular, we emphasize video knowledge discovery using features of multiple modalities, enhancing collaboration among semantic cues from various kinds of information sources.

主出版物標題Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, 3rd Edition
發行者World Scientific Publishing Co.
ISBN(列印)9812561056, 9789812561053
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 1月 1

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