Computational study of sulfur-nickel interactions: A new S-Ni phase diagram

Jeng Han Wang, Meilin Liu

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    Prediction of the interactions between H2S-contaminated hydrogen fuel and Ni surfaces under conditions similar to those for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) operation using DFT (density function theory) calculations (with thermodynamic corrections) has resulted in a new S-Ni phase diagram, which suggests the existence of an intermediate state between clean Ni surfaces and nickel sulfides - sulfur atoms adsorbed on Ni surfaces. This prediction is consistent with many experimental observations relevant to sulfur poisoning of Ni-based anodes in SOFCs, which cannot be explained using the existing S-Ni bulk phase diagram from classical thermodynamics. The accurate prediction of the adsorption phase is vital to a fundamental understanding of the sulfur poisoning mechanism of Ni-based anodes under SOFC operating conditions.

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