Comprehensive Analysis of PERSIANN Products in Studying the Precipitation Variations over Luzon

Jie Hsu, Wan Ru Huang*, Pin Yi Liu


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This study evaluated the capability of satellite precipitation estimates from five products derived from Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks (including PERSIANN, PERSIANN-CCS, PERSIANN-CDR, PERSIANN-CCS-CDR, and PDIR-Now) to represent precipitation characteristics over Luzon. The analyses focused on monthly and daily timescales from 2003–2015 and adopted surface observations from the Asian Precipitation Highly Resolved Observational Data Integration Towards Evaluation of Water Resources (APHRODITE) platform as the evaluation base. Among the five satellite precipitation products (SPPs), PERSIANN-CDR was observed to possess a better ability to qualitatively and quantitatively estimate spatiotemporal variations of precipitation over Luzon for the majority of the examined features with the exception of the extreme precipitation events, for which PERSIANN-CCS-CDR is superior to the other SPPs. These results highlight the usefulness of the addition of the cloud patch approach to PERSIANN-CDR to produce PERSIANN-CCS-CDR to depict the characteristics of extreme precipitation events over Luzon. A similar advantage of adopting the cloud patch approach in producing extreme precipitation estimates was also revealed from the comparison of PERSIANN, PERSIANN-CCS, and PDIR-Now. Our analyses also highlighted that all PERSIANN-series exhibit improved skills in regard to detecting precipitation characteristics over west Luzon compared to that over east Luzon. To overcome this weakness, we suggest that an adjustment in the cloud patch approach (e.g., using different cloud temperature thresholds or different brightness temperature and precipitation rate relationships) over east Luzon may be helpful.

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