Compositional determination of oxygen-exposed Co/Ge(1 1 1) film: Surfactant effect

C. W. Lai, Y. L. Chiou, H. W. Chang, W. Y. Chan, K. J. Hwang, J. S. Tsay, Y. D. Yao

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We apply the Monte Carlo simulation with Auger sputtering depth profiling to quantitatively determine the distribution of oxygen in the film O/Co/Ge(1 1 1). The well fitting curves of experimental data and simulation reveal a crucial fact that oxygen is highly mobile, has strong tendency to float out to the surface during subsequent oxygen exposure and cobalt deposition, and behaves as surfactant in this system. The simulation results show that full oxygen should be on the topmost layer, 88-90% oxygen is in the second layer, 77-80% oxygen is in third layer, and 57-60% oxygen is in fourth layer of the O/Co/Ge(1 1 1) system.

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期刊Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2006 九月

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