Comparative plastome analyses and phylogenetic applications of the Acer section Platanoidea

Tao Yu, Jian Gao, Bing Hong Huang, Buddhi Dayananda, Wen Bao Ma, Yu Yang Zhang, Pei Chun Liao, Jun Qing Li*


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The Acer L. (Sapindaceae) is one of the most diverse and widespread genera in the Northern Hemisphere. Section Platanoidea harbours high genetic and morphological diversity and shows the phylogenetic conflict between A. catalpifolium and A. amplum. Chloroplast (cp) genome sequencing is efficient for the enhancement of the understanding of phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic revision. Here, we report complete cp genomes of five species of Acer sect. Platanoidea. The length of Acer sect. Platanoidea cp genomes ranged from 156,262 bp to 157,349 bp and detected the structural variation in the inverted repeats (IRs) boundaries. By conducting a sliding window analysis, we found that five relatively high variable regions (trnH-psbA, psbN-trnD, psaA-ycf3, petA-psbJ and ndhA intron) had a high potential for developing effective genetic markers. Moreover, with an addition of eight plastomes collected from GenBank, we displayed a robust phylogenetic tree of the Acer sect. Platanoidea, with high resolutions for nearly all identified nodes, suggests a promising opportunity to resolve infrasectional relationships of the most species-rich section Platanoidea of Acer.

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