Communication Intervention Implementation via Telepractice Parent Coaching: Parent Implementation Outcomes: Journal of Special Education Technology

Sanikan Wattanawongwan, J. B. Ganz, Lauren Pierson, Valeria Yllades, Ching-Yi Liao, Sarah K. Ura

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Telepractice coaching may be a viable alternative technology tool to deliver services to parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Using a multiple probe design across participants, we examined the effectiveness of telepractice parent coaching in a communication intervention on parents? implementation of strategies to improve their children?s communication skills. Project coaches instructed parents on strategies to teach communication skills to their child, including incentivizing communication, modeling, prompting, progressive time delay, and expanding. Results indicated a functional relation between the telepractice parent coaching intervention and parent use of strategies. Effect sizes for each participant are compatible with visual analysis results that show a very low effect to very strong effect depending on the intervention component examined.
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期刊Journal of Special Education Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2020


  • autism spectrum disorder
  • telepractice
  • communication intervention
  • parent coaching
  • behavioral strategies
  • augmentative and alternative communication