College students' intention to continue using a personal response system: Deriving a model from four theoretical perspectives

Chu Chen Rosa Yeh, Yu Hui Tao

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The use of personal response systems (PRS) in classrooms is gaining popularity in the higher education institutes of Taiwan. However, past research rarely adopts theories from the information system domains, and their focus was primarily on the UK and US context. Therefore, this study adopted a theory-based approach to explore the perceptions of Taiwanese college students on PRS continuance usage, incorporating a collection of related theories, including expectation-confirmation theory, information systems success model, motivation theory, and agency theory. As an initial foray into PRS adoption theories, this study aims to provide findings and implications that will enable future researchers to extend studies on PRS usage with a wider base of theoretical support.

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期刊Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012 一月 1


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