CO and CO2 fixation by Se-Ru-CO hydride clusters

Minghuey Shieh*, Yen Yi Chu, Li Fing Jang, Chia Hua Ho


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The selective insertion of CO and CO2 into the C-O and O-H bonds of alcohols by the Se-Ru-CO hydride clusters [(μ-H)Ru4(CO) 10Se2]- (1) and [(μ3-H)Ru 5(CO)14Se]- (2) was demonstrated by a cooperative effect of the protonic hydride, the electron-rich Ru atom, and the electronegative Se atom as well as the symmetry of the clusters. These reactions generated the first examples of Se-containing ruthenium carboxylate and alkylcarbonate clusters [{(μ-H)Ru4(CO)10Se 2}2{Ru2(CO)4(μ- η1: η1-OOCR)}]3- (R = Me, 3; Et, 4) and [{(μ-H)Ru4(CO)10Se2}2{Ru 2(CO)4(μ- η1: η1-OOCOR)}] 3- (R = Me, 5; Et, 6), respectively. These results disclosed herein provide a new avenue for the capture and storage of CO and CO2 and useful synthetic routes to novel RCOO-- and ROCOO--bridged ruthenium selenide clusters.

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期刊Inorganic Chemistry
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