Chiroptical Response Inversion and Enhancement of Room-Temperature Exciton-Polaritons Using 2D Chirality in Perovskites

Zhiyu Wang, Cheng Chieh Lin, Kei Murata, Ahmad Syazwan Ahmad Kamal, Bo Wei Lin, Mu Hsin Chen, Siyi Tang, Ya Lun Ho, Chia Chun Chen, Chun Wei Chen, Hirofumi Daiguji, Kazuyuki Ishii*, Jean Jacques Delaunay*


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Although chiral semiconductors have shown promising progress in direct circularly polarized light (CPL) detection and emission, they still face potential challenges. A chirality-switching mechanism or approach integrating two enantiomers is needed to discriminate the handedness of a given CPL; additionally, a large material volume is required for sufficient chiroptical interaction. These two requirements pose significant obstacles to the simplification and miniaturization of the devices. Here, room-temperature chiral polaritons fulfilling dual-handedness functions and exhibiting a more-than-two-order enhancement of the chiroptical signal are demonstrated, by embedding a 40 nm-thick perovskite film with a 2D chiroptical effect into a Fabry–Pérot cavity. By mixing chiral perovskites with different crystal structures, a pronounced 2D chiroptical effect is accomplished in the perovskite film, featured by an inverted chiroptical response for counter-propagating CPL. This inversion behavior matches the photonic handedness switch during CPL circulation in the Fabry–Pérot cavity, thus harvesting giant enhancement of the chiroptical response. Furthermore, affected by the unique quarter-wave-plate effects, the polariton emission achieves a chiral dissymmetry of ±4% (for the emission from the front and the back sides). The room-temperature polaritons with the strong dissymmetric chiroptical interaction shall have implications on a fundamental level and future on-chip applications for biomolecule analysis and quantum computing.

期刊Advanced Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2023 10月 19

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