Characterizations and process parameters of titanium dioxide thin film by RF sputtering

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In this study, we successfully combined RF magnetron sputtering of a pure Ti metal target and one-stage oxidation process with a wider oxygen ratio (10%-90%) and total sputtering flow rate (16-24 sccm) to produce TiO2 thin films on a glass substrate. The crystallization, morphology, roughness, and thickness of the thin films were examined using XRD, HR-FESEM, AFM, and a profilometer. Subsequently, the photocatalytic performance was examined using a spectrometer and video tensiometer. The experimental results show that the TiO2 thin films with a majority of anatase and higher roughness exhibit superior photocatalytic performance; the total sputtering gas flow rate of 18 sccm and oxygen content at 10% is the optimal option. Finally, an empirical formula to correlate the film thickness with deposition time was conducted for the sputtering flow rate of 18 sccm and the oxygen content of 10%.

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