Career adaptability, employability, and career resilience of asian people

Hsiu Lan Shelley Tien*, Yu Chen Wang


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Career adaptability, employability, and career resilience are important ideas in the current society. These concepts define an individual's ability to find a job, maintain the job, make proper transitions, and lead to a satisfied life. In this chapter, we first discussed the meaning of career adaptability in Asian society. The relationship between adaptability and life satisfaction was discussed. In the second part, we introduced a hierarchical model of career employability based on interviewing 41 adults in Taiwan. The model established based on grounded theory analysis included six categories of employability: positive preparation for entering the work world, professional knowledge, cooperation, career planning, identity, and personal factors. Career resilience, which is closely related to career adaptability and employability, was finally proposed to discuss its relationship between adaptability, employability, and life satisfaction. It would be a new direction for future research.

主出版物標題Psychology of Career Adaptability, Employability and Resilience
發行者Springer International Publishing
出版狀態已發佈 - 2017 12月 5

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