Camellia kissi wallich (Theaceae): A newly recorded tree from Taiwan

Mong Huai Su, Chang Fu Hsieh, Chih Hua Tsou, Jenn Che Wang*


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During our botanical exploration of the mountains of Chihpen, Taitung County in September 2005, we collected an unknown Camellia which was subsequently identified as Camellia kissi Wallich, a species widely distributed from the Himalayas to South China. The newly recorded species is easily distinguished from its congeners in Taiwan by the pyriform capsules. In the present article, a description, line drawing, photos taken in the wild, and a key to the species of Camellia section Paracamellia in Taiwan are provided. The conservation status for C. kissi is also evaluated.

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期刊Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008 12月

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