Business intelligence for patient-centeredness: A systematic review

Wenzhi Zheng, Yen Chun Jim Wu*, Liangyong Chen


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This study utilized a systematic review to provide an overall understanding of how academic research can be incorporated into business intelligence (BI) to ensure patient-centeredness (PC). Using the BI maturity model, this study analyzed findings of previous studies from four time periods within the period 2000–2016 to determine how BI can facilitate PC through organization, human-orientation, and technology, as well as other PC-specific conditions. Our results indicate that the number of BI applications that include PC have continued to grow since 2010, and that they primarily focus on the dimensions of organization, humanism, and PC-specific conditions; additionally, we noted that a time-based correlation exists between the related results. This study then explored the extent to which BI supports the subdimensions of PC (e.g., principles, enablers, and activities). Finally, future research focuses and directions were proposed.

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期刊Telematics and Informatics
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