Bulk new high-Tc superconductors in the (Pb,Cu)Sr2(Ca,Y)Cu2O7-δ and (In,Pb,Cu)Sr2(Ca,Y)Cu2O7-δ systems

R. S. Liu*, S. F. Hu, I. Gameson, S. D. Obertelli, P. P. Edwards, D. A. Jefferson, T. Rouillon, M. Hervieu, C. Michel, D. Groult, J. Provost, B. Raveau


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Bulk superconductivity was observed in the systems (Pb0.75Cu0.25)Sr2(Ca1-xYx)Cu2O7-δ and (InyPb0.75-yCu0.25)Sr2(Ca0.5Y0.5)Cu2O. With decreasing x in (Pb0.75Cu0.25)Sr2(Ca1-xYx)Cu2O7-δ, Tc increases up to 55 K at x=0.1; however this specimen is multiphasic with superconducting Meissner volume fraction of ca. 1.5%. In contrast, the sample with x=0.5 is nearly single phase and has a lower Tc (45 K) and a high superconducting Meissner volume fraction ca. 20.2%. An increase of the indium doping in (InyPb0.75-yCu0.25Sr2(Ca0.5Y0.5)Cu2O7-δ, 0 ≤y≤0.2, results in an increase in the superconducting transition temperature from 45 K for y=0, to 60 K for y=0.2.

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期刊Physica C: Superconductivity and its applications
出版狀態已發佈 - 1991 十二月 2

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