Blueshift of yellow luminescence band in self-ion-implanted n-GaN nanowire

S. Dhara, A. Datta, C. T. Wu, Z. H. Lan, K. H. Chen*, Y. L. Wang, Y. F. Chen, C. W. Hsu, L. C. Chen, H. M. Lin, C. C. Chen


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The properties of yellow luminescence (YL) band were discussed for the case of self-ion (Ga+)-implanted GaN nanowire. The YL band in nominally doped n-GaN nanowire was shown to exhibit a blueshift with accumulation of nitrogen vacancies during the self-ion irradiation process. A blue luminescence band was observed at ∼2.8 eV for the sample primarily containing large nitrogen vacancy related point-defect clusters at the fluence of amorphization. The blueshift was attributed to transitions involving shallow donor clusters to VN clusters and probable deep acceptor linked to Ga1 clusters in the energetic irradiation process.

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期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004 5月 3

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