Black hole shadow with soft hairs

Feng Li Lin, Avani Patel*, Hung Yi Pu


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Light bending by the strong gravity around the black hole will form the so-called black hole shadow, the shape of which can shed light on the structure of the near-horizon geometry to possibly reveal novel physics of strong gravity and black hole. In this work, we adopt both analytical and ray-tracing methods to study the black hole shadow in the presence of the infrared structure of gravity theory, which manifests the asymptotic symmetries of spacetime as the supertranslation soft hairs of the black hole. Though the black hole metrics with and without the soft hair are related by large gauge transformations, the near horizon geometries relevant for the shape of the shadow are quite different. Moreover, the Hamiltonian for the geodesic seems intrinsically different, i.e., the loss of separability due to the breaking of spherical symmetry by soft hair. By applying ray-tracing computations, we find that the soft hair, although not affecting the shape of the shadow, may change the average size and position of the shadow. Images resulting from soft hair black holes with surrounding accretion flows are also discussed.

期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022 9月

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