Bifurcation analysis of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate

Yuen Cheng Kuo, Wen Wei Lin, Shih-Feng Shieh

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In this paper, we prove that the solution curve of the ground/positive bound states of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate undergoes supercritical pitchfork bifurcations at some finite values of the inter-component scattering length. The ground state solutions bifurcate into two symmetric solutions with respect to some suitable axis on the symmetric domain, when a two-component BEC has equal intra- and inter-component scattering lengths. Furthermore, we show that the ground/positive bound states repel each other and form segregated nodal domains when the repulsive scattering length goes to infinity. Numerical results of bifurcation diagrams and the forms of ground/positive bound state solutions for a two-component BEC with various trap potentials are presented.

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期刊Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 十一月 15

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