Attitudes towards the use of information and communication technology in management education

Yen Chun Jim Wu*, Chia I. Pan, Chih Hung Yuan


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Information and communication technology (ICT) tools are being increasingly used to facilitate teaching in educational institutions. This study examined the attitudes of students and instructors towards using ICT tools in management education. Immediately after conducting workshops that introduced 11 ICT tools used in classroom settings, questionnaires were administered to students and instructors from three public universities in Taiwan. Responses of 242 students and 46 instructors regarding 5 domains of ICT tools–feedback, classroom mobility, publishing, collaboration, and social media–were analysed to investigate their attitude towards the use of ICT. The results revealed that students perceived the ICT tools of collaboration and social media to be helpful in learning and in increasing their future employment; in addition, the teachers found these ICT tools to be useful. Therefore, by integrating collaboration and social media in teaching and course design, teachers can enhance student participation and link students’ learning to their future employment.

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期刊Behaviour and Information Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2017 3月 4

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