Atomic Layer Deposition Plasma-Based Undoped-HfO2Ferroelectric FETs for Non-Volatile Memory

Jun Dao Luo, Yu Ying Lai, Kuo Yu Hsiang, Chia Feng Wu, Hao Tung Chung, Wei Shuo Li, Chun Yu Liao, Pin Guang Chen, Kuan Neng Chen, Min Hung Lee*, Huang Chung Cheng


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A plasma-based undoped-HfO2 FeFET (ferroelectric FET) with non-volatile memory characteristics is demonstrated. Modifying the O2 plasma period in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) is an effective approach to enhance the remnant polarization ( \text{P} {\text {r}} ) up to 2P {\text {r}} = 25\,\,\mu \text{C} /cm2 for the MFM (metal/ferroelectric/metal) structure with ferroelectric undoped-HfO2 thin films, and successful integration is implemented for the FeFET. The appropriate O2 vacancies ( \text{V} {\text {o} {{2}+} ) benefit the formation of the ferroelectric phase since they play the role of dopants and help orthorhombic phase (o-phase) formation during post-metal annealing (PMA). The \text{V} {\text {o}} {{2}+} -rich undoped-HfO2 FeFET exhibits a memory window (MW) of 0.5 V, {5} \times {10} {{4}} switching endurance cycles, and higher than 10 {{4}} sec of data retention with \text{V} {\text {P/E}} = \pm 5 V.

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期刊IEEE Electron Device Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 八月

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