Associations between cardiometabolic risks and physical activity in early adulthood: A cross-sectional study

Hsin Yen Yen, Ching Li*


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Objectives Young adults' physical activity (PA) is a foundation of creating future healthy lifestyles. The purpose of this study was to explore differences in PA, sedentary behaviour, walkability and health beliefs among young adults with different levels of cardiometabolic risks and the influence of moderate-to-vigorous PA. Design A cross-sectional study was conducted using a structured questionnaire. Participants Totally, 1149 valid responses were received for a response rate of 86.32%. According to the self-reported worst health condition, participants were categorised into healthy adults, and adults at levels 1 (overweight), 2 (obese), 3 (hypertensive, hyperlipidaemic, and/or hyperglycaemic), and 4 (with a diagnosis of cardiometabolic diseases) of cardiometabolic risks. Primary outcome measures PA, sedentary time, walkability and health beliefs. Results Significant differences in PA (F=3.78, p<0.01) and sedentary time (F=2.39, p<0.05) among groups with various cardiometabolic risk levels were found. Healthy adults and adults at level 1 risk had significantly higher PA than adults at risk levels 2 and 3. Young adults at risk level 3 were less likely to participate in moderate-to-vigorous PA than were healthy adults (OR=0.64 (95% CI 0.41 to 0.99), p<0.05). Individuals who perceived that there were more recreational facilities (OR=1.27 (1.05 to 1.53), p<0.05), who had higher benefits of exercise (OR=1.73 (1.30 to 2.31), p<0.001), and who had lower barriers to exercise (OR=0.42 (0.32 to 0.55), p<0.001) were more likely to participate in moderate-to-vigorous PA. Conclusions Being aware of body weight changes could be a danger sign of a lack of PA. Developing environmental and psychological strategies to promote engaging in PA is necessary to promote the cardiometabolic health of young adults.

期刊BMJ Open
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 9月 6

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