ASERA: Brief histor(y/ies)

Richard White, Paul Gardner, Malcolm Carr, Alister Jones, Ken Appleton, Marilyn Fleer, Christine Redman, Vaille Dawson, Wen Hua Chang, Stephen M. Ritchie

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This collection of historical accounts provides diverse perspectives on the structure and culture of the community of researchers who participate in activities of the Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA). It describes the formation of the Association, and identifies major changes and challenges for the ever growing and internationalisation of its membership.

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期刊Cultural Studies of Science Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009 六月 1

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    White, R., Gardner, P., Carr, M., Jones, A., Appleton, K., Fleer, M., Redman, C., Dawson, V., Chang, W. H., & Ritchie, S. M. (2009). ASERA: Brief histor(y/ies). Cultural Studies of Science Education, 4(2), 263-301.