Aristolochia yujungiana (Aristolochiaceae): A new species from Taiwan

Chang Tse Lu, Jenn Che Wang*


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Aristolochia yujungiana C.T. Lu & J.C. Wang, a new species from Taiwan is described and illustrated. Compared to its congeners in Taiwan and neighboring areas, A. yujungiana is similar to A. shimadae, A. heterophylla, A. kaempferi and A. liukiuensis. However, it can be differentiated from A. shimadae by the perianth color and shape, from A. heterophylla by the bracteole shape and limb surface, and from A. kaempferi and A. liukiuensis by the limb-lobe morphology and perianthtube shape. A morphological description, diagnosis, line drawings, photographs, and conservation status of A. yujungiana as well as a key and a comparison table to morphologically similar species are provided to aid in identification.

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期刊Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014

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