"Archie": A cost oriented humanoid robot

A. Byagowi, P. Kopacek, J. Baltes

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This paper is a brief description of the cost oriented humanoid robot Archie. Archie has been developed in Vienna University of Technology. Later on the software development of Archie extends on collaboration with the Department of Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. Archie is constructed by using brushless motors and harmonic gears with a novel approach for finding the absolute position as part of the work on the robot. The experience gained from the development of small humanoid robots is used to develop the software of Archie, to create, store, and play back motions. The software of the robot is aimed to be developed in a level to control automatically the balance of the robot by using feedback from an internal measurement unit (IMU). The main goal was to develop a reasonable cheap, teen sized humanoid robot for supporting humans in everyday life.

主出版物標題Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress
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