Application-driven educational game to assist young children in learning English vocabulary

Zhi Hong Chen*, Shu Yu Lee


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his paper describes the development of an educational game, named My-Pet-Shop, to enhance young children's learning of English vocabulary. The educational game is underpinned by an application-driven model, which consists of three components: application scenario, subject learning, and learning regulation. An empirical study is further conducted with 30 fourth-grade students to examine its influence on the aspects of performance, flow, self-regulation, and behavior related to learning. The results demonstrated that the system contributed to enhanced flow experience and better learning self-regulation when compared to using a quiz game system without the support of the application -driven model. In addition, behavior analysis revealed that the component of learning regulation played a critical role. Some implications about the application-driven model and its future development are also discussed.

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期刊Educational Technology and Society
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