Anisotropic magnetic and superconducting properties of DyNi2B2C aligned powder

M. S. Lin, Y. B. You, Y. Y. Hsu, J. F. Lin, H. C. Ku

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Magnetic susceptibility on basal-plane aligned DyNi2B2C powder reveals a strong anisotropic magnetic and superconducting properties for this magnetic superconductor. The intrinsic room temperature normal-state magnetic anisotropy supplies the preferred tetragonal basal-plane alignment. The observed antiferromagnetic Néel temperature TN(Dy) of 12.9 K is higher than 10-10.8 K observed for the bulk sample. Since the normal state magnetic susceptibility is very small for both applied field directions near superconducting Tc onset of 4.2 K, the observed superconducting anisotropy can be attributed to the anisotropic supercurrent distribution due to the anisotropic geometric shape of aligned microcrystalline powder.

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期刊Chinese Journal of Physics
發行號2 II
出版狀態已發佈 - 1996 十二月 1

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