Angular dependence of wave reflection in a lossy single-negative bilayer

W. H. Lin, C. J. Wu, S. J. Chang

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The angle-dependent properties of wave reflection in the lossy single-negative (SNG) materials are theoretically investigated. A model structure of SNG bilayer consisting of a lossy epsilon-negative (ENG) material and a lossy mu-negative (MNG) is considered in this work. The wave properties are investigated based on the calculated reflectance for the s wave (transversal electric wave) and the p wave (transversal magnetic wave) in addition to the degree of polarization. It is found that the angle-dependent reflectance of p wave is larger than that of s wave, which is contrary to the usual material with both positive epsilon and positive mu. The effects of losses coming from the.

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期刊Progress in Electromagnetics Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2010

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