Analysis of tunable negative refraction in a lossy and extrinsic semiconductor

Tsung Wen Chang, Yi Min Zeng, Chien Jang Wu*


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In this work, within the framework of an inhomogeneous wave, we study the wave transmission at the boundary between air and a lossy extrinsic semiconductor of n-type indium antimonide. Transmission properties such as negative refraction are specifically investigated. The choice of such a semiconductor enables us to study the tunable features in the negative refraction because its permittivity is a function of the frequency, the temperature, and the doping concentration. It is found that there exist a threshold temperature and a threshold frequency in order to obtain the negative refraction. The dependence of threshold temperature on the doping concentration and the operating frequency will be numerically demonstrated. The analysis of negative refraction can be used to study the electromagnetic response for a lossy and extrinsic semiconductor.

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期刊Applied Optics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015

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