An Investigation into Virtual Immersion Mandarin Chinese Writing Instruction with Student with Autism

Pei Ying Lo, Yu Ju Lan*


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Research findings show that using virtual world environments, such as Second Life (SL), for language learning can create a more comfortable yet authentic learning environment for language learners. This research focused on the influence of virtual immersion Mandarin Chinese writing instruction with a participant with autism by conducting an action research to seek possible solutions for teaching and learning needs. In this research, there were 2 cycles: traditional writing instruction (TWI) and virtual immersion writing instruction (VIWI). Three writing topics were presented to the participant. The topics were: describe the kitchen, going to the convenience store, and comparisons between different transportations. Each topic was presented to the participant during 2 class sessions, 50 min each. First session was for prewriting planning activities by using mind maps. Second session was to review the prewriting materials and then move on to the writing activity. For results, summarization and comparison of the mind maps and essays from the participant were conducted. The essays were graded then the scores were compared. Oral interviews regarding attitudes toward Mandarin Chinese learning, Mandarin Chinese writing learning, and 3D virtual reality learning were collected further to understand the participant’s thoughts in these areas. Results show that the incorporation of VIWI not only changed the participant’s attitude toward Mandarin Chinese learning, and Mandarin Chinese writing learning but also enhanced the participant’s prewriting planning skills and Mandarin Chinese essay writing skills.

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