An improved E-DRM scheme for mobile environments

Cheng Chi Lee, Chun Ta Li*, Zhi Wei Chen, Yan Ming Lai, Jiann Cherng Shieh


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With the rapid development of information science and network technology, Internet has become an important platform for the dissemination of digital content, which can be easily copied and distributed through the Internet. Although convenience is increased, it causes significant damage to authors of digital content. Digital rights management system (DRM system) is an access control system that is designed to protect digital content and ensure illegal users from maliciously spreading digital content. Enterprise Digital Rights Management system (E-DRM system) is a DRM system that prevents unauthorized users from stealing the enterprise's confidential data. User authentication is the most important method to ensure digital rights management. In order to verify the validity of user, the biometrics-based authentication protocol is widely used due to the biological characteristics of each user are unique. By using biometric identification, it can ensure the correctness of user identity. In addition, due to the popularity of mobile device and Internet, user can access digital content and network information at anytime and anywhere. Recently, Mishra et al. proposed an anonymous and secure biometric-based enterprise digital rights management system for mobile environment. Although biometrics-based authentication is used to prevent users from being forged, the anonymity of users and the preservation of digital content are not ensured in their proposed system. Therefore, in this paper, we will propose a more efficient and secure biometric-based enterprise digital rights management system with user anonymity for mobile environments.

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期刊Journal of Information Security and Applications
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 4月

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