An Experienced Science Teacher’s Metavisualization in the Case of the Complex System of Carbon Cycling

Jung Yi Hung, Hsin Yi Chang*, Jeng Fung Hung


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Science teachers use a large number of visual representations and models in science classes to guide students to understand complex phenomena and to learn to conduct scientific inquiry. Fluent formation and use of visual representation involves metavisualization, which is a process related to metacognition and visualization. However, what kinds of knowledge and skills are involved and interact during successful metavisualization need further research. Moreover, teachers’ metavisualization should be a focus of research since teachers play a mediating role in guiding students to become proficient performers of visualization in science. Therefore, in this study, we investigated how an experienced science teacher performed metavisualization via qualitative data collection techniques including think-aloud tasks and a follow-up retrospective interview. We identified the relevant knowledge and skills that were involved in the teacher’s metavisualization. Moreover, by focusing on the interaction among the knowledge and skills, we observed three aspects of the teacher’s performance that were salient to her metavisualization, including the use of metavisual strategies, judgement criteria, and the encountered critical points. Drawing upon previous perspectives and this study’s findings, we propose a model of metavisualization by extending an existing model for further research. The findings also provide insight into teacher professional development programs.

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期刊Research in Science Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 4月

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