An energy harvester using self-powered feed forward converter charging approach

Ton Churo Huang, Yih Guang Leu*, Yuan Chang Chang, Sheng Yun Hou, Cheng Chou Li


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The paper proposes a stand-alone energy harvester system that considers economical, environmental, and technological implications. The applications of this paper are maintenance free, low cost and environmentally friendly commercial devices. The stand-alone system contains a self starting/self powering circuitry which allows the system power to be turned off while not in use. This proposed system requires neither batteries nor a power supply unit; it constitutes a true stand-alone, low maintenance and pollution free system. Additionally, it proposes a feed forward charging scheme to eliminate the needs of using voltage feedback, current feedback, or both, and hence reduces electronic complexity and cost of the charger. A detailed analysis of the feed forward charger, and the self-starting/self power circuitry was carried out to obtain the relationship between the system parameters and the outputs of the system. This paper also presents simulation results and experimental data to reveal performance of the charger and the self-starting/self powering circuitry.

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