An analysis of Maillard reaction products in ethanolic glucose-glycine solution

Szu Chuan Shen, Kou Chan Tseng, James Swi Bea Wu*


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The present study compared the Maillard reaction products in ethanolic and aqueous glucose-glycine solutions. The pH 4.3, 0.2 M glucose-0.2 M glycine solutions were prepared and heated. HPLC-DAD (diode array detection) was then used to analyse the browned solutions, the ethyl acetate extracts of the solutions, and the coloured bands in TLC of the extracts. HMF (5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde) was found in both of the browned aqueous and ethanolic solutions, while 2-hydroxymethylfuran was found only in the browned ethanolic solution. HMF and 2-acetylpyrrole appear in the ethyl acetate extract of both systems, whereas 2-acetyl-1-methylpyrrole is present only in the extract of the ethanolic solution. The difference in profile of products in the aqueous and the ethanolic solutions indicates that the mechanisms of Maillard reaction in these two systems are not exactly the same.

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