An action research on the development of a caring curriculum in Taiwan

Jane Lee-Hsieh*, Chien Lin Kuo, Ya Hsun Tsai


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The purpose of this study was to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of the first-year course of a 5-year nursing caring curriculum. An action research method involving participant observation investigated how 18 instructors in a junior college nursing program implemented caring in the course. Data gathered through observation, interviews, and questionnaires were used for evaluation and revision of the course. Results included development of the framework for the caring curriculum and the contents of the first-year course, Introduction to Caring. Course content included the concepts of caring ("love and sincerity," "caring communication," "empathy and respect," "acceptance and trust," and "offering of self"), performance of caring actions ("care of self," "care of family members," and "care of peers"), and caring motivations ("caring reinforcing factors" and "caring restraining factors"). Teaching strategies included role modeling, dialogue, reflection, journaling, and caring groups. Evaluation showed that student caring knowledge, attitudes, and behavior improved after course implementation.

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期刊Journal of Nursing Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004 9月

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