Air-sea interaction between tropical cyclone Nari and Kuroshio

Chau Ron Wu*, Yu Lin Chang, Lie Yauw Oey, C. W.June Chang, Yi Chia Hsin


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The air-sea interaction between tropical cyclone Nari (Sep/6-16/2001) and Kuroshio is studied using satellite observations and an ocean model. Nari crossed the Kuroshio several times, which caused variations in typhoon intensity. Nari weakened when it was over the shelf north of Kuroshio where cooling took place due to mixing of the shallow thermocline. The cyclonic circulation penetrated much deeper for the slowly-moving storm, regardless of Nari's intensity. Near-inertial oscillations are simulated by the model in terms of the vertical displacement of isotherms. The SST cooling caused by upwelling and vertical mixing is effective in cooling the upper ocean several days after the storm had passed. At certain locations, surface chlorophyll-a concentration increases significantly after Nari's departure. Upwelling and mixing bring nutrient-rich subsurface water to the sea surface, causing enhancement of phytoplankton bloom.

期刊Geophysical Research Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008 6月 28

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