Addressing cyberbullying as a media literacy issue

Christine Suniti Bhat, Shih Hua Chang, Jamie A. Linscott

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Background: The Asian region accounts for the highest number of internet and mobile cell phones consumers among the regions of the world. As the use of information and communications technology becomes more and more widespread, the misuse of such technology becomes a concern. Cyberbullying, or bullying using information and communications technology is an issue that youth are encountering in Asia and in other parts of the world. Students who are cyberbullied experience several detrimental psychosocial effects that detract from their ability be successful in school. In some instances, youth suicide has been linked to cyberbullying. Goals: The purpose of this article is to highlight the need for proactive media literacy initiatives that promote the ethical and responsible social use of technology by students. Results: Examples of initiatives to reduce cyberbullying and other harmful uses of social media are presented. These initiatives are targeted not just at students but at teachers, other school personnel, and parents. The need to address cyberbullying via school policies and country or regional laws is also discussed.

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期刊New Horizons in Education
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