Activities of proteinases in maize and soybean roots in response to anoxic stress

Shih-Ying Hwang, T. T. Vantoai

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This study characterized the changes in proteinase activities in maize inbred line H60 and soybean cultivar Keller roots in response to anoxia. After 24 h of anoxia, crude protein extracts from both maize and soybean root tips (10 cm) were assayed for proteinase activities at pHs ranging from 4.5 to 10.2. In anoxic roots of both maize and soybean, activities of proteinases with alkaline pH optima increased, and activities of proteinases with acidic pH optima declined. Proteinases with neutral pH increased in anoxic maize roots, but declined in anoxic soybean roots. Whether the differences in proteinase activities in anaerobic maize and soybean roots contribute to the differental susceptibility of the two species requires further study.

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